Captain Mark Kaufman

Mark was born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1957, where his father was stationed with the State Department. By the time he was ten years old, his family had lived in Thailand, Laos, Korea, Nepal and Vietnam. One of his fondest childhood memories was putting on a suit, getting on a plane, and waving to the flight crew before taking his seat. In 1986, after a 10 year career in the music industry as a studio and touring drummer, Mark pursued a career in aviation and received his pilot’s license in an impressive one month of flight training.

In 1989, he was hired by a major airline and in 1996 attained the rank of captain. He qualified as an instructor, held the position of Director of Flight Operations and owned and operated a flight school. Mark is a licensed airline transport pilot and multi-engine aircraft instructor. He was also a 2nd lieutenant, instructor and check airman in the US Air Force Auxiliary.

When seated in the cabin while traveling in uniform from one base of operation to another, Mark had many opportunities to assist passengers in overcoming their fear of flying. Aware of the dramatic impact he had on an individual’s personal and professional life, Mark developed the “No Fear Flight” program.


  • Flight Time: 17,000 Hours over 20 Years
  • ATP/AMEL - Type Ratings: BAE-3100, CE-525S, EMB-145
  • Commercial Privileges: ASEL
  • Flight Instructor: CFII ASEL/AMEL

Mark Kaufman at 11 Years Old