Flight Instruction with Captain Mark

Captain Mark was an instructor in the Air Force Auxiliary, owned and operated a flight school and has spent a lifetime in the air. He offers one-on-one, personalized flight training to students at the location of their choice. Each training session is catered to the individual student based on his or her experience, goals and comfort level.

Contact Captain Mark to inquire about flight training. Costs may vary due to a variety of factors such as flight hours, location, aircraft and length of stay required.


"I had the great fortune and extreme pleasure of obtaining my primary flight training from Mark back in the early 90's. From the very first lesson it was obvious that Mark is very meticulous in every way in and around an aircraft. He instilled professional habits in all his students from the very beginning. His people oriented personality and calm demeanor are equally obvious. It turned out that I ended up with not only a fantastic instructor, but a fine friend as well. I can think of no one better suited or qualified to provide this service!"

Butch O.

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